Information About Haryana A Rich Cultural State Of India.

Information About Haryana a Rich Cultural State of India.



Haryana is the rich cultural and prime Agricultural state of India which is surrounded be Uttar Pradesh and Yamuna River from the east side, On the North side Punjab exist. Himachal Pradesh is present at North- east side. Rajasthan is present on the west – South side of Haryana, The India Capital Delhi is present at South- East side. The total hight from the sea level of Haryana is around is 700ft to 900ft. Haryana State is known as the mother of Vedic civilization in india. Haryana has a rich cultural history as the Loard Krishna taught the Gita Updesh here at its one district Kurukeshetra during the battle of Mahabharata between the Korvas and Pandvas.


Haryana was formed on 1 November, 1966 as the new state of India. From that day to today Haryana has made its identity as continuously growing state of India. Haryana is continuously paying its good role in the development of India. Time to time Haryana has given great leader as well as various sportsmen to India that has made the history with in the world. Today Haryana is known for its development and Good acts in the history of India. Haryana is now known as the second highest job provider state in the India. It is also known second highest agricultural state of India. From the total population of Haryana around 70% people are doing in agriculture. Haryana is a very well connected state to all other state of India through air railways and roads across India. Haryana Government is continuously making good policies for improving education system. There many good universities, colleges, Medical colleges present in Haryana that have very good reputation in India. There around seven Universities in Haryana, around 250 Arts and Science College, 41 engineering colleges in the state. Haryana Government is committed for education of each and every teen in the state. The total number of districts in Haryana is 20. A district in Haryana is headed by a Deputy Commissioner who is over all in-charge of the administration in that particular district. Haryana state is now an important state in India due to its leading role in sports and tourism and in industries. Haryana is a very near state of capital Delhi as a results its districts like gorgon and Faridabad are established are top industries districts in the state that are leading in IT sectors. Haryana has many places that are very useful for tourist that can be covered with in one or two days while travelling in india.

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Information About Haryana a Rich Cultural State of India.