Childless Couples Can Be Helped With Specialist Clinics

Submitted by: Ellie Lewis

Many people these days suffer when they just cannot conceive a child. Of course, this has been put down to many factors, but this does not give the couple any comfort at all. Indeed, they really do not mind how they get pregnant, as long as they do get pregnant and this is why there are so many centers which claim to help these couples now. For those who want to check them out, try looking for IVF or infertility to see what is available locally.

It goes without saying that any center which says it can help must be checked out thoroughly before opting for the treatment. Unfortunately, there are those companies which do a lot of claiming but who are really only after the money. This kind of treatment is expensive of course, so some care must be taken when one is in this very vulnerable position.

The medics normally start by doing some questioning and some easy tests on the couple. The male partner will be asked to give sperm sample for analysis and the woman will have to provide some rather detailed information about when she menstruates etc. Once the sperm count has been ascertained, this can go in several directions.


The sperm may be a little deformed which means that they will not swim far enough to reach the egg. Or they may be lazy where they are just not capable of reaching the egg. On the other hand, there may be no sperm at all in the ejaculate and this could be for several reasons.

If the sperm count is normal, and all the sperm are doing what they should, the next step is to check over the woman to see what is going on inside her body. She may just be suffering from nerves, where her anxiety is preventing the pregnancy, or she may have physical problems which can be investigated.

Her fallopian tubes, where the egg travels down, may be blocked up. This could have occurred through illness or some other kind of mishap and is sometimes reversible. If it is not, then the woman may have to undergo some hormone treatment which will allow her to produce multiple eggs for harvesting. This can be a rather painful and long-winded process and the woman must be prepared to undergo some difficult times for sure.

When the eggs are ready, the eggs will be taken out and sperm injected into them. This should result in a normal embryo resulting from this and eventually they will be placed back inside the womb for a normal pregnancy to follow.

One down side to this whole process is that they will put in more than one embryo to counteract the risk of losing one or two. Sometimes though, all the embryos embed themselves and a multiple birth will occur. Although this would seem a little strange to many, most childless couples will welcome this kind of instant family since they may have been waiting for some years to get to this point.

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