Breast Augmentation Facts You Might Not Be Knowing

Breast Augmentation Facts You Might Not Be Knowing



It is not confined to know who the best breast augmentation surgeon is around; who can help you with the treatment of your breasts. You need be careful about the pre-requisites, care and the post treatment side effects of the treatment. Although the procedure guarantees fast recovery, the pain lingers in some cases for a longer duration. In fact, it is not always a 100% successful process. There have been failures observed due to various medical reasons. So before jumping on to any conclusions, you need to make a proper survey and analysis if plastic surgery on your breasts would be effective and successful or not.

Breast augmentation comprises of enlargement of breasts through implants or using gels, etc.; reconstruction of breasts or tightening of the same based on the case. Whatever the reason may be, it is but a type of surgery and requires incision which in turn requires sedating the patient. Generally, local numbing is preferred in these procedures. All said, it is important to first assess your health condition. If you are a diabetic patient or are on any sort of medication, discuss with your surgeon prior to the operation. Else, the consequences might be severe. Maintaining your blood pressure levels, sugar levels, etc. is very essential to curb the anxiety in you and for better cooperation and successful operation.


Some cases also experienced permanent numbness in and around the area of operation. You need to discuss the probability of such happenings with your doctor and see if his record shows something on similar lines. During surgery, nerves are opened and cut. So lack of connection might lead to no blood flow and hence you might feel the numbness. At times, the mammary glands are also affected. So nursing mothers should also be careful at this front!

These procedures are apparently very costly. And if something goes wrong, you have to go away with a large amount many times to fix the problem as well. So, while consulting with the doctor in the preliminary stages, understand all the costs involved. Technically, it should be a one-time cost only. However, some places charge you extra for follow-ups and revisions entailed. You need to have this sought out before starting the treatment. Otherwise, it can become a very pricey affair for you in the end.

So, this is not to scare you or discourage you from taking the treatment. These are but the general norms to be followed and bore in mind while going for any sort of plastic surgery. It is better to be careful before than to repent later. After all, you are doing this to get a perfect you! in Prague is a trusted name for all breast related treatments including cosmetic surgeries,

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