Best Streaming Technologies And Features Of Streaming

Best Streaming Technologies and Features of Streaming



Internet and web hosting have been a radical change in recent years, where he has gone from Internet pages where the content is limited to text and images to offer new content based on the streaming. At this point some questions arise for people without much experience, such as what consistene Streaming? Are traditional web hosting services are ready to support new streaming technology? Can I migrate easily from one service to another web hosting with a focus on streaming? Who are the leading candidates to use to hire a hosting plan with emphasis on streaming and full support?


Streaming technologies — With the evolution of the Internet came many changes, leaving aside the content simple and flat text and images, to make room for more dynamism in the hand of videos, music and animations. These contents are supported by streaming technology and hosting expertise, which allows listening to music and watch movies, videos and animations in real time. Basically, the streaming does not require you to download multimedia documents, but through a browser can be consumed. — The site uses are those that distribute streaming online videos, movies, television, home videos and personal animations. Also online radio stations and websites dedicated to online music distribution. All of them use specific web hosting services. Features of web hosting plans and streaming sitiohost — Streaming Audio: Support for streaming audio in MP3 and AAC + HD in all web hosting plans in place. — Administration: The web hosting service includes WHMsonic panel, perfect for managing all the contents in streaming audio. Changing passwords and implementing AutoDJ. — Service: All hosting plans offered by sitiohost guarantee 99.9% uptime streaming, plus unlimited transfer of content each month. In this way all visitors to your site can access your streaming content without any restrictions. — Customer satisfaction and customer service, satisfaction guarantee on hosting and streaming service, or full refund. The electronic invoice will arrive with only the agreed value including taxes and VAT so there will be no surprises or additional charges. — Playback: The hosting service includes support for multimedia players most used streaming worldwide as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Real Player. Even players also supports streaming less popular. — Easy for novice users: These plans include hosting with a HTML code which you just need to copy and paste from the control panel to your portal. It will be easier to make available to any user content streaming. — Advanced: Users with greater knowledge of hosting, you can use Script Setup on all plans, and enables advanced configuration of streaming and hosting with support for 99.9% of web browsers.

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