What To Look For In Cosmetic Surgery Before And After Photos?

Submitted by: Rena Graham

So you may have heard every detail about the risks and benefits of the procedure, or the competency of the cosmetic surgeon, but it still different to see results. That is why before and after photos are very important to look for when going in for a consult. But what do you need to look for when browsing through these images? Here are tips to help you have a discerning eye for all pertinent details.

Check out the usual patients the surgeon have.

Look at the ethnicity, body type, age and sex that the surgeon usually works on. Find someone among these patients who have a similar body type or profile as you and check if the surgeon is able to create the kind of result that you want.

Look at the angles in which the picture was taken.

A good photo that will be perused for cosmetic surgery should be taken at right angles. This is to properly show that results on a plain field and not one that is shot at an acute or slanting viewpoint because this can make a faulty impression. A front, side and back view is necessary depending on the type of cosmetic surgery done. And they should all be done in natural poses.


The photos should be taken under good lighting.

Did you know that by knowing how to control the lighting you can also manipulate the shadows? As a result this will create either a slimmer or maybe larger version of the subject in the photos. But that is only applicable in other occasions. A good before and after photo should have good and normal lighting so that you can properly see the angles, lines and contours.

The patient should not be wearing makeup.

There is a vast number of possibilities that make up is able to attain. So if you want to ensure that you are getting honest results in these before and after photos. Look closely and make sure that the patient is not wearing any makeup, especially when checking out for facial cosmetic surgeries.

Check the number of photos available for your perusal.

If you want to make sure that the surgeon is able to deliver good results, do not simply settle for just a couple of photos. An extensive collection would tell you on the experience of the surgeon and the range of work that he is able to do. Look at the variety of patients and see how the surgeon fashion their respective profiles in a way that is most appropriate for them. If you are not really confident with what you are seeing, always follow your gut instincts. This is essential for your satisfaction after the procedure.

In addition, the surgeon should also be able to give you contact information on former patients. Most cosmetic surgeons have these on file on the permission of the patient. And these are helpful for you to get first-hand information regarding the surgery and their experience with the surgeon.

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