Things To Say To Make Him Want You Back After A Breakup

Each and every time you talk to your ex boyfriend you’re a bundle of nerves. You never say the right thing. If you’re like most women who are still desperately in love with an ex boyfriend you either get overly emotional while telling him how much you want him back or you stumble over your words and sound like a fool. Either way it’s not working. You’re no closer to being back together now than you were the day after you two broke up. You’re frustrated and you miss him. It’s time to change things now. Once you understand the right things to say to make him want you back, your break up and all the pain and uncertainty that came with it will be a thing of the past.

At first thought you may assume that one of the best things to say to make him want you back is that you can’t live without him. It sounds romantic and endearing, doesn’t it? As women we’d fall into a heap of emotion if our boyfriend said this to us. However, you have to remember that men’s minds don’t work the same way at all. If you tell your ex boyfriend that he’s the only man for you and you’ll love him for eternity he’ll see that as a sign of pure desperation on your part. It’s not going to pull at his heart strings at all. It will actually make him push you away.


You need to approach the break up and your effort to get him back the same way he would if the roles were reversed. Men say things in a very direct and bold way. They tend to not pull punches when it comes to matters of the heart. If you want to get him interested in you again you have to make him believe that you’ve lost interest in him. That’s why saying something about how you wish him well or that you’re ready to move on is so powerful. He’ll take that as a rejection and once that happens his ego will take over and nothing will stop him from getting you back.

The best rule of thumb to follow when you want to say the right thing after your break up is to think twice before saying anything at all. If you’re overcome with a desire to tell your ex how much you want him back, write it down in a journal instead. If your emotions are running high and you’re angry with him for dumping you, express that in your journal too. Only share things with him that make you feel empowered and strong.

By showing or expressing little interest in him, that’s the thing that will get him to want you back. Self control and some forethought will help guide you towards being stronger and knowing what to say and what to avoid. By not wearing your heart on your sleeve and keeping your innermost thoughts to yourself, you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the man you love back for good.

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