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Jan KantyMenorcais the least crowded of thethree main islands of the Balearic Islands,maintaining the balance between preservation and development of environmentaltourism.This is a small island but it has many attractions.

Numerous conquerors

Menorca was the crossing point of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs and Christians.

Furthermore, Menorca was invaded by the Turks in the sixteenth century, later it was occupied by the British and French during the eighteenth century. It is a good traveling destination due to its rich history.It is also an interesting option for those who like small white sand beaches, green fields dotted with cows and prehistoric monuments. Menorca is the second in size among theBalearic Islands; theislanddoes not measure over 50 kilometers long – the distance between the capitalMahon and the city “Venetian” ofCiutadellavaries between 10 and 19 kilometers.


Biosphere reserveIt was declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve in 1993. Menorcahas a discrete infrastructure to accommodate visitors. Now nearly 50 percent of its area is a national park, theAlbufera Es Grau and it has more than two dozen areas of special interest.

Menorca has a lot to offer, from thebeaches of the North surrounded by pine trees to the peaceful South. Moreover, there are many interesting sites such as a port of the capital, the cobblestone streets ofCiutadella, prehistoric settlements and the villages of whitewashed houses.The traveler must provide himself with a map and set hisitinerary according to the means of transport available.A combination of a good walk, car and a boat would be ideal for exploring all the corners of this Mediterranean island.

Access to the coast is often on private land, so getting to some beaches can be an adventure.

Son Saura,Talaios,EnTurqueta,Mitjana,MacarellaandMacarelletahave amazing pristine beaches(but no desert), which are integrated into new areas ofnature reserve.Accessing these little havens may include the payment for a vehicle.However,Menorcaalso has manybeachesthat are easily accessible.

Festivals and gastronomy

The most interesting festival of Ciutadella is Los Jaleos in June, where the horse is the principal protagonist.The celebrations, which date back to medieval times, are based on games and the usage of the techniques with a stick at full gallop.

The festivities with horses are typical for the whole island.

In July, the maritime procession of the Virgin del Carmen takes place in Mahon. In addition, the celebration of the Virgin de Grcia is held in September.

Foodis another treat for visitors ofMenorca.The offer is varied and of good quality, so this is a good destination for pilgrims of good food.Lobster caldereta is the island’s best known dish. Other local specialties are aubergines in the oven and rabbit with figs or oliaigo (a stew of onions, sometimes with figs, garlic, green peppers and tomatoes).

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