Gynecomastia Puffy Nipples}

Gynecomastia Puffy Nipples


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A large population of men are affected by puffy nipples. Though there are many causes of puffy nipples, gynecomastia surgery is the only surefire treatment plan available to these affected men. Treating puffy nipples with gynecomastia surgery has been around for quite a while, and over the years has reached a stage where surgeons are able to quickly and inexpensively perform the surgery with a very high rate of success, and little down time.

The cost of gynecomastia, puffy nipple surgery, varies greatly depending on the skill of a surgeon, location of the surgeon, and the surgeon’s specialty. Surgeons who specialize only in men’s plastic surgery will tend to have lower rates than more generalized plastic surgeons. Newer more inexperienced surgeons will also tend to charge lower prices for gynecomastia surgery. When shopping around for the surgery is important not to use cost as the sole consideration for picking a surgeon. Instead the patient will want to look at the surgeons history, and evaluate their previous patients. To help you with the decision most if not all surgeons will have a portfolio of patients that they have treated in the past including before and after pictures, as well as pictures taken several months after the surgery showing the entire process from start to finish. It is important to evaluate pictures taken several months after the surgery to see how well the patients healed, check for any noticeable scars, and evaluate the surgeons general sculpting of the chest region.In performing gynecomastia surgery on puffy nipples the surgeon must not only remove the tissues causing the puffing nipples, but also sculpt the entire chest region to maintain the proper aesthetic. Should the surgeon improperly sculpt the chest, or not sculpt it at all, the patient will be left with a sunken in appearance around their breasts. This is highly unattractive, and more off-putting than the puffy nipples were in the first place. Surgeons performing gynecomastia surgery on the puffy nipples will use liposuction to sculpt the chest region providing sufficient and natural looking contours. This is why an experienced surgeon is necessary. Gynecomastia surgery is much more an art form than a straight step-by-step textbook surgery. Every man’s chest is different and will require on-the-fly decisions about how to sculpt it appropriately. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon, though cheap, will often times lead to sub par results.There are two types of tissues that can be removed with gynecomastia surgery to correct the puffy nipples. The man will either have increased fat deposits behind his nipples, or enlarged glandular tissue. To remove fat deposits the surgeon will simply use liposuction and suck out the excess fat. If the problem stems from glandular tissue the surgeon will go in with a scalpel in and remove the gland. There are also cases where the puffy nipples are caused by a combination of the two tissues intermingling. In this case the surgeon will use a combination of the two techniques to remove the offending tissue and reduce puffiness in the nipple. No matter which surgical procedure takes place the surgeon will go in thru a small incision located around the areola. The advantage of this is that any small scar will be nearly invisible because it is located around the natural ring surrounding the nipple.Recovery time for gynecomastia, puffy nipple surgery, is quite quick although may require some specialized equipment. The surgery itself takes only an hour or two, and recovery time can be as quick as two days. Once the patient finishes with their bed rest they will then have to wear a compression vest to protect to the surgical area. This vest is nearly invisible under clothes and resembles a body shaper. The vest is designed to help reduce swelling of the breast and damage to the stitches.Gynecomastia surgery for puffy nipples is a great option for a man suffering this embarrassing problem. A qualified surgeon is essential for the successful completion of this operation, so do your homework shop around and ask opinions from other men who have gone through the same procedure.

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Gynecomastia Puffy Nipples}