Clear Container Duo Save Zip Lock Season}

Clear Container Duo Save Zip Lock Season


Kayla Holman

There’s something about Christmastime and Sherlock Holmes. They seem to go hand-in-hand. The Sherlock Holmes movie was released in December 2009; perhaps that massive commercialized event is responsible for the correlation. Whatever the cause, our CPS spin on the classic detective tale takes Ziplock Holmes and his clear container sidekick on a wild ride.

Not many people know that Sherlock Holmes has a younger brother. His name is Justin “Ziplock” Holmes. The nickname “Ziplock” comes from his ability to zip up and lock criminals within the confines of a plastic bag or other clear container. Serving as the packaging detective at CPS, Ziplock can be found interrogating one clear container after another.


Ziplock keeps a low profile in our office through a disguise. Most people at CPS know Ziplock as Justin, a sales representative. Stowed away in a back corner cubicle, Ziplock is allowed to enact and explore the details of potential clear container catastrophes as well as council his number one confidant, a clear container himself, a zip lock bag.

If you must know, the detective has a mild case of obsessive compulsive disorder and is horrified at the thought of subjecting himself to cooties from scum-of -the-earth perpetrators. He finds safety and stability within the clear container confines of a plastic bag. It’s like his bubble; he’s the boy in the Ziplock bubble.

Labels and rules tend to divide similar groups with no need. Take the classification of clear containers for instance. What makes a clear container a clear container? One would guess that a clear container should have a clear presentation and be capable of containing or carrying materials of some kind. Many objects have this capability, yet they are not all referenced as a clear container. For the sake of this example let’s consider a clear plastic bag as a clear container.

On top of its functionality, size variation and top-of-the-line zip lock seal, our in-house detective couldn’t dream of having a better type of clear container to investigate. Constructed from sleek, impressionable resin, most fugitives that handle this kind of clear container will leave a personal signature on the bag, fingerprints! Also great for catching fleeing assailants (again, not recommended), nothing can escape the zip lock power of a plastic bag. A plastic bag is the clear container of all clear containers when it comes to dramatic and suspenseful captures.

Amidst your hurried Christmas shopping, be sure to stop by and download the calendar image for December, Ziplock Holmes. Our resources tab will lead you to “Calendar Wallpapers” where you will not only find the image, but a step-by-step journal detailing how it was made. Check it out before the month slips away.

Make Ziplock Holmes part of your holiday season this year. Start by downloading the calendar image wallpaper and plastering it on every computer desktop you have access to. Joy is contagious; spread it further by purchasing a case or two of zip lock bags to serve as a unique gift wrap, a plastic container to distribute goods to those you love.


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is more valuable than you know. Read Kayla Holman’s blog about how Ziplock Holmes uses a

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Clear Container Duo Save Zip Lock Season