Choosing Custom Motorcycle Seats &Amp; Saddles For Your Sport Bike Or Cruiser

By Dominik Hussl

Getting a custom motorcycle seat or saddle for your bike is likely to be the best investment to improve rider comfort that you will ever make. The Stock seats or saddles are generally not made from the most comfortable of materials and after about 30 minutes or an hour of riding the foam has collapsed and you are sitting on the plastic pan instead of on a comfortable seat. The other thing you will find is that a custom seat or an aftermarket saddle by some of the more popular manufacturers will also improve the lines of your bike. There are several very popular manufacturers for this type of a modification. Probably the most well known is Corbin. Corbin makes some very nice custom seats for most types of motorcycles including sport and cruiser bikes. Sargent is another very well known maker. Sargent just like Corbin makes seats and saddles for a variety of cycles. Danny Gray makes some really nice benches and saddles for cruisers. Mustang makes the more traditional looking OEM Replacements. Now most of these brands are readily available at most shops and will come in a variety of custom finishes, however if you want a true custom seat you are likely to have to go to the manufacturer directly or find a local upholstery shop that can make you one.

Corbin motorcycle seats have been around for quite a while. These guys know how to make a quality seat that will give the rider comfort. Everything they make is made from the highest quality materials and will generally last for the life of your bike under normal conditions. Corbin uses its own patented Comfort Cell Foam which is designed to give you the most comfortable ride. Corbin is also proud to be an American company that does all its manufacturing here in the USA. They are headquartered in an 82,000 Square Foot facility in the small town of Hollister CA. Replacing your stock seat with a Corbin will be one of the best changes you will ever make to your bike. You will notice you can go twice as far and be less fatigued.


Sargent motorcycle seats are another great choice when it comes to choosing a custom saddle for your bike. Sargent makes a variety of models made to fit most popular sport bikes. Sargent quality is very comparable to Corbin. One nice thing about the Sargent is that when you get it it is ready to slap on the bike where with the Corbin you have to usually remove some components from your old saddle to make it work. I have a Sargent on my Ducati and I can guarantee it was one of the best additions to my bike that I ever spent money on. I can now rider for quite a long time before things get uncomfortable. Before with the stock piece 30 minutes and they foam would have completely given in and I am sitting on plastic which does not make for a fun ride.

Danny Gray and Mustang mainly specialize in benches and saddles for cruisers. Danny Gray makes some very nice two up seats for cruisers and Mustang makes a wide variety of motorcycle seats with a more vintage and stock look but with much improved comfort for the rider.

So when you decide to replace your OEM seat with a new one you might want to take a look at Crobin, Sargent, Danny Gray or Mustang for a quality replacement. Generally prices currentyl range from $250 to $500 and up for a quality custom saddle.

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